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I’m not a balanced person.

I never was. – And I should probably not start every post with “I” followed by my worst flaws.

Balance is boring. Falling, is funnier. And when you fall as much as I do, well, you never get bored!

I guess this is part of the untold contract of being an artist. Or pretending to be one. Or just thinking… you got it.


You’re not an artist only if you make some art. Being an artist is an attitude, a shade of your soul that doesn’t allow you: to have a normal job, to wear a trendy dress, to do what others do. You need to express yourself in some way and sometimes this need is as strong as breathing. You can’t avoid it.

Then comes the second step. You breath, but breathing is linked with your heart beating and one day you realize you can’t just make art for your own, you have to share it. Whether people like it or not. You get hurt if they don’t like it, of course, but approval is not the first reason you shared it. The reason is that art requires to be shared. That’s it.

I know I probably sound kinda arrogant claiming my cakes and pictures to be art, but that’s what I think they are. Bakery is art, photography is art, a picture of a cake is art. Even if the cake is not fancy.

dairy free carrot cake | www.cindysbakerytales.com

Desserts have this magic, you know. Being art for the tongue, the nose and, sometimes, for the eye too. Nobody needs dessert to feed they stomach, we all know (and we pretend we don’t) that sweet things (are made of this) aren’t nutritionally right for the body. They’re more like a venom, but we still like them. Because they’re a little piece of art we can eat.

Too many words about art, now is the time to bake one little masterpiece.

This is my mother’s masterpiece, the cake that has been with me from my childhood to my adulthood (or fake adulthood, I still don’t know if I’m an adult pretending to be a teenage or a teenage playing adulthood).

dairy free carrot cake | www.cindysbakerytales.com


Ingredients for a 22 cm Ø bundt cake or a lot of muffins:

• 300 g flour
• 15 g baking powder
• 200 g sugar
• 1 pinch of salt
• flavoring (the grated peel of a lemon/orange/tangerine)
• 4 medium-sized carrots
• 4 eggs
• 180 g sunflower or peanut oil


Preheat the oven to 180-210° C.

Sieve flour and baking powder in a bowl, add sugar, salt and the grated peel of whatever. Stir and make a hole in the center.

Put carrots, eggs and oil into a blender and blend into a smoothie.

Drop the smoothie into the hole and beat with a whisk or a fork, incorporating flour into the smoothie and being careful not to form lumps.

Drop into a prepared bundt pan or spoon into muffin cases, filling them three-quarters full.

Bake the cake for about 40 minutes or the muffins for about 20 minutes. Always do the toothpick test.

Extra Flavour

To make this cake even yummier, add chopped nuts of your choice or chocolate flakes. Or both! You can also divide the batter in two parts, adding a tbsp of cocoa in one, so you have a marble cake.

dairy free carrot cake | www.cindysbakerytales.com