Cindy’s Bakery Tales is a dream.

2-year-old dream, that has changed a lot, as I have changed a lot. It taught me so much I’m still in wonder – this dream looks so real that I can almost reach it.

It’s a dream about love, food and art. A dream you’ll understand better by knowing the dreamer…


I’ve always known I was born kind of an artist. Artists, you know, can express themselves in so many different ways – through notes, colors, words… My way has flavors.

Flavors, however, are a very restrictive mean: they cannot be shared worldwide. That’s why I’m here, at my Bakery Tales. To share my love and Art through a different mean – words, images. If, doing so, I’m also teaching you something about this amazing Art of Sweet Food, well, I can truly say I’m good in what I do.


To say the truth, I’ve learnt from the best, at CAST Alimenti, where I had a really great time in 2010. Before that I had a not so great time in high school, studying languages and struggling with the uncertainty of not knowing: what the hell am I going to do with my life? Yet, I’ve met two of my best friends in that school (the other one is an ancient, kindred spirit) and I’ve learnt a decent level of English I later improved by my own. Moral? No regrets. (Life’s too short to regret things.)

Oh, haven’t I told you? I’m Italian, so English is not my mother tongue.

Summarizing: baby girl wanting to be a baker, angry teenager studying languages in high school, happily ever after at Pastry Academy.

By now, after more than 10 years (I’ve started at 15) of work in restaurants, hotels and alike, I’m a wanna-be entrepreneur in what I still love: sharing my Art, this Art that make my heart pulse with life. And sugar.

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