Hey you! I saw you!

I know you’re passing by, “just looking” as if you were in front of a stand in a street market. You think I haven’t noticed you, but I did. I do.

I see you.

You came to see if something’s different here, don’t you? If this kind of a narrative food blog knows what your’re looking for.


Take a look around. You’ll find what you need for a beautiful baking, a DIY lifestyle and an emotional writing. If don’t, I’m creating it. If I’m not, you should contact me to ask. You really should.

If I wanted to tell without being asked, I’ll be writing a book and not a blog. This is the most beautiful thing about blogging. It gives you permission to ask for help, a word. A smile.

And this, this give me permission to tell you about me.

I’m a 27-years-old Italian pastry chef and writer who dreams to inspire people the same way I get inspired – by beauty and emotions. I’m also a DIY passionate and a ravenous reader. Something more? Let’s see…

  • I have a passion for RPG video games since I was 8 and my brother got Diablo II for Christmas.
  • Some people asked me for hair modeling and I agreed because I hoped this would help with my introverted habits. It didn’t work so I haven’t tell much people about this.
  • I cry for movies. Even for cartoons. Above all for cartoons.
  • My favorite writer is Stephen King since I read The Green Mile at 9.
  • I had a turtle, once. I named her Speedy and I think I’m funny because of this.

Now you know me a little more. But this is about you too, right?

Hey! Wait! Don’t go away!

Do you see that blank space at the bottom of this page? Use it! Tell me 5 random things about you!

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~ me, dreaming about eating that cake.


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